I have a confession to make,I’m a foodie. I’ve tried to hide it but when there’s food around the battle is lost before it even starts. By the way, not just any type of food but really good food.

I would like to tell you guys about this amazing place I discovered a while a go. Its called the Bulgarian and Lebanese Restaurant. Yup, the Bulgarians and Lebanese have taken over Lagos lol.

I went there with my friends yesterday and they had an amazing time. It was a very refreshing experience for them,from the clean environment,the relaxed ambiance and the food was different from the usual.


So we started with an appetizer.We ordered Chicken wings and requested it be made extra spicy (big mistake), it turned out too hot for our palate.I don’t know what we were thinking.


For the main course I had Svinsko& Guby. It’s basically pork and mushrooms in red wine-butter with mashed potatoes.

Svinsko &Guby

Nkiru had Chicken Shnitzel ;breaded chicken breast with chips.


Chicken Shnitzel

And Chidinma had the B.L Plancha. You should have seen the look on her face when the platter was served.

B.L Plancha

For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.1 Timothy 6:7-8



Bulgarian & Lebanese Restaurant

147 Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island ,Lagos Nigeria.

We left with our stomachs full and also with full value for our money.



11 thoughts on “I HAVE A CONFESSION

  1. Oh wow…you got me salivating already.I have penciled down the restaurant ,I’ll definitely treat myself or take my bobo there sometime soon.
    Good stuff girlie ooh…keep it up!


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