ILÉ – IFÈ -the cradle of yoruba history. Situated in Osun state in south-western Nigeria is so full of history. It brought all the yoruba lessons I received in secondary school to life. Obatala, Orunmila, Oranmiyan, Oduduwa and  Moremi  are some of the mythical deities i got a chance to see their ancestral home.

First stop was the  palace which houses the present king of Ile Ife ,Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II who is the 51st king .Our tour guide Mr. Segun didn’t leave any detail out. Almost everything at the palace has history, from doors to stones and even a well(the well used to be a Queen).

It is believed that many centuries ago people of authority didn’t die, they simply turned into trees, rocks , iron etc or flowed into rivers.

We then proceeded to see the statue of the heroine  Moremi Ajasoro, then Oranmiyan’s staff.


There are 4 courts in the palace, this is one of them. This is where little disputes were brought.
Origi Ifa

This is the origi Ifa altar. It is a sign that there is a strong herbalist in that compound. Prayers are offered every Thursday at this alter and also during the new yam festival by the Ooni(king). The stone in the middle of the alter is believed the have existed 8000 years before the advent of Jesus Christ.

3rd Court Ile Nla. The statue is Obalufon who is said to have turned to a piece of iron when he got old. We were not shown the actual piece of iron.
inside Ile Nla


The other elephant tusk was stolen years ago.







Moremi Ajasoro



Oranmiyan’s Staff
Strike a pose


Mr Segun our tour guide

But thou, LORD, art most high for evermore. psalm 92:8 King James Version


9 thoughts on “ILÉ – IFÈ

  1. Wow!ile-ife…hmmmmn! Such sceneries remind me of how rich our culture is…and these photos prove that. This indeed Is another destination tour one should embark on*wide grin*I’m beginning to imagine myself there,I can bet the ambience alone would make u feel as though u were part of its history…
    I’m feeling proud to be a yoruba girl*wink*
    It’s about time I took my children to the cradle of the yoruba heritage,Not only akwa-ibom is on point mbok…
    Òmó yoruba l’emi oh*Dab*


  2. Wow….what a rich culture we hv,I’m proud to b Yoruba…A queen turning into a well!!! Wow
    I hv just added it to my vacation goals…


  3. Wow,fortunately my hubby is from there what a rich culture. But Akwa Ibom is Awesome mbok try n visit.Will have to persuade my hubby to take us there soon.Bye

    Liked by 1 person

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